My wife and I were lucky enough to get to Madagascar for 2 weeks recently.

Madagascar is the 4th (citation needed) poorest country in the word, has one of the largest biodiversities (if notĀ theĀ largest), with the greatest number of species found no where else but this one island.

It is most famous for its vanilla and being home of the lemurs, including good ole King Julian from the film of the same name.

It was truly a remarkable experienced and one that will be very hard to match, with the deserts, the temperate forest as well as the tropical forests all on the same island, I cannot think of anywhere else on earth quite like it.

What’s more is the people are so friendly, willing to have their photo’s taken and just be around you, not acting up or anything. The photos of people I have captured I can honestly say are as natural a pose you will and Malagassy person in.

Thank you Madagascar!


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