So you want a website. Let's see what that really entails and how we can help you achieve it all.

When getting a website, whether it be for personal use or for business there are a few things that are categorically needed. These are:

  1. Hosting,
  2. A domain
  3. An SSL certificate (for secure sites)
  4. A website

Lets go through each of these and explain what they are and how much they cost.


This is where the website is actually located. Let's get a bit of jargon out the way first, "The Cloud" simply means someone else's computer. Websites have to live on a computer, somewhere connected to the internet.

We offer cloud hosting for all our clients at cost. This starts at £10* per calendar month. This will cover the majority of use cases. The exception would be exceptionally high traffic sites (think 100,000 visitors+ per day). 

If you are above this limit then it increases, but is based on the amount of usage you actually have so is impossible to estimate. But we can advise of this if you wish to contact us.

A domain

This is the bit the visitor types in the address bar of their browser, eg Again we can register these for you, and will do so happily at cost. The cost will depend on your chosen domain. 

As a very simple example,, when it comes up for renewal will cost you millions, literally (if you get it before Google snap it up), but would probably set you back £3-£4 a year.

The price for a domain is a recurring fee, and will vary depending on what you pay for (annual, 2 yearly or 5 yearly)

Again we are on hand to talk you through this and even register domains on your behalf at no extra cost*.

A SSL certificate

This is what allows a website to be HTTPS over HTTP and is required for any site that handles money, or user log on.

If however it will be just you logging on, to change some content, this is not required but highly advised.

Again there are multiple options available here, some places offer free certificates though these may not be accepted by all browsers, to get that you have to spend more money (sorry!) but we can advise the best route to take when you contact us.

A website

Now this is where things get even more vague I am afraid. We offer a number of services (see the navigation) each having there own starting prices*. We can advise on the most appropriate form of sites for your needs, but starting prices for each of the services are as follows:

Site type Price
Static site £200*
Simple CMS £500*
Enterprise CMS £800*

Things that will drive the costs up include, bespoke designs, bespoke content types**, content entry.

We suggest you go into the service section and see what you think you need, and then we can give you a quote. We only deal in fixed price projects, so if we say it will cost £200* it will cost £200*.

* all prices exclude VAT

** CMS sites only